KERAjet will open its doors to showcase the latest advances in digital printing at the Spanish Industrial Machinery (SIMA) event. It will be held at the company’s facilities in Almazora from 27 February to 10 March. This is a conference where, as part of the strategies to get closer to international and national customers, other companies in the sector will demonstrate their technological developments and productions.

SIMA Conference

The year 2023 will begin with an important event for the digital printing machinery manufacturer KERAjet, which will open the doors of its facilities in Almazora. Together with other companies from the ceramics sector, they will be demonstrating their technological advances to international and national customers. Visitors will be able to see the quality and productivity of the company’s new products.

The open-door event is part of the company’s strategy to get closer to its national and international customers who use its machinery. Currently, the company is finalising details for the days when visitors will be able to access both the facilities and the pilot plant for tests and demonstrations. The company has announced that guided tours will be given, which will be informative and educational.

Technological and inventive potential

This initiative seeks to demonstrate KERAjet’s technological and creative capacity and advances. The Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience manufactures different models of printers for different sectors such as ceramics, tableware and printers for textiles and other surfaces. The company was able to position its machines by the innovative printing techniques they use, which stand out for their high definition and quality.

KERAjet said it will show the latest advances and technologies in industrial decoration on which it has been working. The Spanish brand also anticipated that they will test live the operation of the equipment and its performance when printing on various surfaces so that the public has a more direct knowledge of how the company works and manufactures its machinery.

Cutting-edge, 100% Spanish technology

Visitors will be able to see the manufacturing process from start to finish, using cutting-edge, 100% Spanish technology. They will demonstrate how they have evolved since their foundation and innovated in the digital printing market.

The company was founded in 1998 and since its origins, its main focus has been on innovation in digital print design. The Spanish company’s headquarters are located in the Supoi Industrial Estate on Avenida Boverot in Castellón. There they will be waiting for the visit of all their guests.