Digital textile printing is a technique widely used in clothing enterprises, as it allows a printing process more economical and environmentally friendly than other methods of engraving on fabric.

Because of this, many businesses in the sector have opted for this method to make their products, since it has a high quality and is versatile when printing an image.

In this context, when it comes to technological solutions for the printing industry in Spain, KERAjet stands out: a company that has an extensive catalogue of various digital devices specialised in digital textile printing.

Advantages of digital textile printing equipment

By allowing the ink to pass through all types of fabrics, whatever their tenacity, thickness and size, digital textile printing machinery stands out in the market for its versatility.

In this respect, the devices marketed by the company are renowned for a more efficient and competent production process, with a high level of detail and precision.

KERAjet machines, unlike other fabric decorating machines, do not require paper or a sheet of paper to transfer an image. They inject the ink directly onto the fabric and reproduce the colour properties of the original design as closely as possible. This technology is applicable on many materials, such as polyester, cotton, nylon, silk, etc.

The company has three digital textile printing machines for large formats: the KERAtex Mega machines provide a printing width of 1.8 metres and 3.4 metres respectively. They also have the ability to reproduce images with a higher resolution than other printers (up to 600 DPI). At the same time, this equipment has a group of heads adaptable to up to 8 units, with inks of up to 12 different colours, and easy-to-use printing software that is compatible with computers of different operating systems and capacities. This ensures productivity, flexibility and savings.

In the same vein, the KERAtex Giga favours high-speed printing. Thus, it achieves a printing speed of more than 1,000 m per hour. The device is made up of a set of heads with up to 16 parts that achieve a more faithful reproduction of colours and shapes, speeding up the printing process without detracting from the efficiency and quality of the textile piece.

There is also the KERAtex Tera which, among other benefits, has a printing width of up to 1.8 m, a resolution of up to 600 dpi horizontally and an intuitive and agile printing software.

How to buy KERAjet machinery

KERAjet’s digital machinery offers technological solutions in digital printing and decoration. Those who wish to purchase digital textile printing equipment to strengthen their business and products can do so via the company’s website and request more information about the equipment.

KERAjet’s signature textile printing method is environmentally friendly and more economical than other fabric printing techniques.