In recent years, ceramic printing has become a popular practice in the decoration industry. According to experts in the field of interior design, it is a technology that allows to expand the possibilities of design and also speeds up the production times of these pieces, with quality finishes and greater uniformity.

In this sense, KERAjet has established itself as one of the main references in the commercialisation of digital printing machinery for ceramics. This company is distinguished in the industry for providing equipment based on innovative technology, which can also adapt to the needs of its customers and their manufacturing requirements for this type of products.

What is ceramic printing and what advantages does it offer?

Ceramic printing refers to the technology of printing images and designs directly onto ceramics using digital printers. In the production of ceramic tiles, ceramic slabs and many other decorative and construction purposes, this process is very useful and provides a number of benefits.

High precision and quality in the reproduction of complex images and designs are two of the elements that characterise ceramic printing, as it allows greater flexibility in the creation of customised pieces. It also stands out for providing greater efficiency in the production process, reducing production costs, especially when compared to other similar techniques.

Specialists in digital ceramic printing machinery

As specialists in the field of digital printing, KERAjet has positioned itself as one of the main references in the ceramic printing industry, as it has an extensive catalogue of innovative and technologically advanced machines designed for this process.

Versatility, flexibility and productivity are some of the elements that stand out in this firm’s ceramic printing machines. Options such as the S7 Unique, KERAjet M7, KERAjet P8 and the KERAjet One are just some of those featured in the company’s stock, each with different features and cutting-edge technologies to suit the needs of different sectors.

Aspects such as modular engineering design and artificial intelligence management are some of the features that distinguish the range of ceramic printing machines offered by KERAjet. As well as the own production equipment, manufactured 100 % in Spain, which can be viewed in detail through the company’s website.