Technical assistance for ceramic printing equipment is a key service to ensure optimum performance. Hence the importance of having the support of a qualified company to assist in the maintenance of this specialised equipment.

KERAjet is a pioneer in the field of ceramic printing, with more than 20 years designing and developing technological solutions in this area. It also offers its customers 24/7 technical assistance to ensure the stability and performance of the equipment.

Advantages of 24/7 technical support for ceramic printing equipment

24/7 technical support ensures the stability and performance of the equipment. It offers a number of benefits to improve print quality and extend the service life of the working units. This service includes preventive maintenance, repair, as well as the supply and replacement of parts.

By carrying out preventive maintenance on equipment, the need for costly repairs or complete replacement of equipment is reduced, as problems are detected and fixed before they become serious failures for the production line. This is a significant advantage in terms of saving time and money.

In addition, this type of service ensures the availability of supplies and consumables. This reduces downtime and ensures constant production, which is of utmost importance for ceramic printing companies, as it allows them to ensure that their daily production quotas are maintained.

Guaranteed stability and performance

From the installation of the system in the plant, KERAjet customers can count on a complete 24/7 technical support service that guarantees the stability and performance of their equipment.

Working under the KERAjet ACS (Advanced Customer Support) concept, they offer a service that goes beyond conventional technical assistance, because it coordinates human resources and technology to respond in real time to the customer’s needs, optimising resources to offer the best assistance and guarantee the optimum performance of the installed machines.

In this sense, the company offers the KERAnext 4.0 software to the market. It is an integrated solution for connecting data generated on the production lines with the company’s information systems. It enables cost calculation, production planning, productivity calculation and machinery maintenance management. All this with the aim of improving the company’s productivity.

It also offers Testjet equipment, specially designed for testing print heads. This machinery works by performing monochrome printing on textiles, ceramics, paper, cardboard, glass, vinyl, in order to check the operation of the printing units by testing the ink heads.

Finally, CLEANjet is the equipment developed by KERAjet to clean the printheads, which allows solving clogging problems in nozzles, eliminating print streaking problems and guaranteeing optimum performance.