Ceramic printing has gained popularity in the decoration industry, as it allows for the expansion of design possibilities and speeds up the production times of the pieces, guaranteeing their quality.

For this, it is necessary to have equipment based on innovative technology, such as the solid ceramic printer, developed by the company KERAjet, one of the main references in the commercialisation of digital printing machinery for ceramics.

The KERAjet M7 SOLID digital printing process

The digital solid ceramic printing invented by the KERAjet specialists allows tiles to be decorated from scratch in a completely digital way. In other words, during the manufacturing process, the tile first passes through a glazing head and then through the solid printing head, which has the ability to produce any kind of relief, 3-dimensional design and special effects or gloss. All this in a single ceramic printer.

The production of ceramic tiles, ceramic slabs, as well as other decorative and construction objects, is greatly enhanced with ceramic 3D printing. This technology provides a number of benefits, including high precision and quality in the reproduction of complex images and designs. In addition, a more efficient production process reduces costs compared to other similar techniques.

Advantages of the ceramic 3d printer

KERAjet is, at present, one of the main references in the field of digital printing. The company’s outstanding work for technological development and the wide range of innovative printers give it a privileged place in this sector.

This company has printers with a wide variety of configurations, numerous printing modules and multi-head technology that allow them to adapt to the requirements of each producer, providing high resolution print finishes.

Their ceramic 3D printers allow them to design freely configurable production lines. This is possible thanks to the fact that some of its models have a modular engineering design, which allows printing on the horizontal plane as well as on the sides or bottom of the product. However, KERAjet’s most innovative development is probably the artificial intelligence management, which allows the product to be adjusted and controlled automatically.

Printers such as the S7 Single, KERAjet M7, KERAjet P8 and KERAjet One stand out for their versatility, flexibility, productivity and cutting-edge technologies that enable them to meet the requirements of different customers. Thanks to its commitment to technological innovation and product upgrades, KERAjet has established itself as a great choice when it comes to choosing a ceramic 3D printer.