KERAjet’s facilities in Almazora, Castellón, will be the setting for an event for the industrial sector in Spain.

It is SIMA (Spanish Industrial Machinery), an event that brings together companies and manufacturers of industrial machinery to showcase the latest advances that have been developed in the sector, as well as the technologies implemented.

The event is organised by KERAjet, a leading company that on this occasion will present its innovative digital ceramic printing system.

SIMA, technology and industrial innovation

SIMA is an event organised by KERAjet to promote and exhibit the new technologies that different companies are using in the industrial sector. This event will include demonstrations, exhibitions and meetings of both KERAjet and other Spanish companies in the ceramic sector, which will take place from 27 February to 10 March.

The objective of SIMA is to show the technological and inventive capacity of the Spanish companies, to show the latest advances and industrial technologies they have been working on, and to continue with the strategies to get closer to the national and international clientele that uses their machinery.

KERAjet will show the advances and technologies in industrial decoration on which it has been working in recent years, including access to its facilities and the plant where testing activities are carried out. Visitors will be able to see how the equipment works and how it performs when printing on a variety of surfaces and learn about the manufacturing process of the machinery from start to finish.

KERAjet, specialists in digital ceramic printing

Digital ceramic printing is an innovative technique for printing designs and patterns on ceramics in a precise and detailed manner. KERAjet is one of the leading companies in this field and has developed a digital printing system specifically for ceramics that stands out for its quality and precision.

In addition, the KERAjet system is capable of printing on a wide variety of ceramics, from tiles to decorative ceramics, allowing customers to use it in a wide range of applications. For this purpose, it has advanced machines that stand out for their versatility and efficient, long-lasting production on each of the different ceramics. Among these is the S7 UNICA, an industrial single pass printer with a robust, state-of-the-art design that allows high print resolutions and the application of more effects to improve the reproduction of details.

Another outstanding machine is the KERAjet M7, which allows the design of ceramic production lines that can be easily configured, with a modular, compact design and easy access to components, making it an ideal choice for placement on full digital lines.

KERAjet is at the forefront of digital ceramic printing, with innovative machinery and technologies and high-quality solutions for the development of differentiated and competitive products.