¡New Product Tecnargilla 2018!

Modular, simplicity and versatility. The most competitive digital ceramic printing line on the market.

¡New Product Tecnargilla 2018!

Modular, simplicity and versatility. The most competitive
digital ceramic printing line on the market.




Color inks and effects


Covers and protections


Glue and solid particules

The Digital Line
100% Customizable

Are you looking for flexible and modular machine wiht easy access to all its components? KERAjet has the solution wiht the new modular machine. KERAjet M7.

The M7 module has a great flexibility of adaptation and integration according to the individual needs of each company. Thus ensure greater competitiveness and savings in production line costs.

KERAjet M7 machine has been specifically designed to be implemented in ceramic production lines. KERAjet M7 machine can work as a complement to other ceramic applications as well as KERAjet machines. Modularity, small size, easy to install and start up in a fast an eficient way turns the machine into a perfect element in your line. KERAjet M7 allows to produce more optimized products using 100% digital technology.

KERAjet M7 Glaze

  • Module configured for glazes and covers applications, Type of heads K6 HF,K45 HF,K10.
  • High discharge 100gr/bar.
  • Up to four applications or different glazes.
  • Synchronized whith the digital machine decoration.

KERAjet M7 Solid

  • Module configured for glue and solids, can be used for full cover or selective applications (k9 PH)

KERAjet M7 Decor

  • Module configured for color inks,effects, luster, glossy, reactive, inks all the printheads available.

Printheads Technology

  • Piezo-electric Technology. Drop On Demand (DoD Printing).
  • Range of printheads: all the printheads available..
  • Ethernet connector 100/1G.


  • Electric requirements: 400V 3P+N+Earth– 50/60hz.
  • Power: 10kVA en 700, 16kVA en 1400 y 22kVA en 1700.
  • It depends on the amount and sort of insalled printheads.
  • Compressed air: 1100 l/min 6 bar pressure for 10 sec. every 30 min. (1,1kW compressor, 200 litre tank).
  • Environment conditions: from 25o C a 35o C.
  • Moisture: from 30% UP to 80% (no condensation).


  • Management software: It manages, loads and show the designs, selects the printheads to be used and defines the prining mode: image by image, roller or canvas among other duties.
  • Ripping and colour management software: Colordirect.
  • Accepted image formats: TIFF, PSD.
  • CMYK, Multichannel and RGB image modes.
  • “ripping” or tone changes directly at the Production line, generating new files.

Optional elements

  • Multiple entry kit.
  • Relief detector.
  • Adjustable print units.
  • Cleaning gaps management.
  • Height sensor.


  • KERAjet M7 700: 1220 x 1570 x 2174 approx.
  • KERAjet M7 1400: 1220 x 2210 x 2174 approx.
  • KERAjet M7 1800: 1220 x 2660 x 2174approx.

*The machine may be subject to changes of design and dimensions for improvements.

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