The machinery available when carrying out a production process is essential to ensure efficient results and quality products.

For this reason, KERAjet prioritizes design and innovation when creating ceramic printers that allow adaptation to the needs of each customer according to the requirements of the manufacture of their products.

A company that combines innovation with productivity

KERAjet is a company in charge of designing advanced cutting-edge technology, equipment and industrial solutions, which are developed and manufactured in their facilities with the aim of achieving a final product made entirely in Spain. They have more than 20 years of experience, throughout which they have been innovating in terms of ceramic decoration systems to implement contactless digital decoration.

In order to stand out in the sector, KERAjet is committed to R+D+I to provide technological solutions that allow the evolution of production systems to promote the progress of industries. Currently, they have more than 4,000 machines operating in more than 44 countries around the world, as a result of the dedicated work of their highly qualified young team that emphasizes the effort, work and improvement of the company.

The latest in digital ceramic printing machinery

Specialising in innovation in the ceramic printer sector, KERAjet’s digital printing machines stand out in the market for their advanced technology and versatility, enabling them to offer a more efficient and competent production process. Within this product category, they have printers with a wide variety of configurations that allow them to adapt to the requirements of each producer thanks to their numerous printing modules and multi-head technology. Thanks to this technology, KERAjet ceramic printers enable a high print resolution.

The company’s ceramic printers allow freely configurable ceramic production lines to be designed, which can be adapted to the production requirements of each customer. This is made possible by their modular engineering design, with some models allowing printing on the horizontal plane as well as on the sides or bottom of the product. KERAjet’s newest development is the artificial intelligence management, which allows the product to be adjusted and controlled automatically.

Thanks to its constant focus on modernising its products, KERAjet is an excellent choice when it comes to acquiring the ideal ceramic printers for every manufacturer.