Textil Printers

The digital printing machines for textiles are the most advanced and versatile on the market, offering a more efficient and competent production process.

Maximum excellence in the representation of details

The latest evolution in digital printing technology designed for the textile industry has its own name: KERAjetP7 T

The versatility of the equipment allows us to reduce production costs and makes it the perfect solution for the realization of works with great chromatic value and high resolutions that far exceed the traditional decoration processes.

Possibility to choose between different sizes of injector getting native drops from 7 pl to 80 pl. The recirculation at the injector level of their heads, avoids the filling of injectors and allows working with pigmented inks with total reliability.

Machines suitable for reactive, acidic, dispersed, pigmented inks, etc.

With all this, the impressions reach the maximum excellence in the representation of details, nuances and gradations up to levels that challenge visual acuity.

  • KERAjet P7 T 1800
  • KERAjet P7 T 3200
  • Up to a maximum of 10 colors and 8 heads per color (print width = 520 mm). Thus, the customer can opt for a simpler configuration at the beginning and then expand the machine simply and quickly.
  • Resolutions up to 400×800 dpi, depending on the type of product to be manufactured and the type of ink used.
  • The most productive machine on the market in its type.
  • Decoration speeds of 480 m / h for a fabric width of 2.8 m.
  • Own and patented system that guarantees maximum stability in printing.
  • Individual exit and entry sensor for each ink.
  • Temperature control for each ink.
  • Fast change of inks.
  • Automatic head cleaning which extends its useful life.
  • Color management consists of adapting the resources of the KERAjet equipment to the specific products of each client.
  • The KERAjet design workers install, configure and train users with regard to color management in a personalized way.
  • Electronics designed and made entirely by KERAjet.
  • Fast charge.
  • It allows to manage multiple heads, resolutions … providing greater versatility to the printer.
  • Software developed by KERAjet and realized as an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical environment, allowing the user to obtain the maximum performance of the equipment in a short time.
  • It allows to manage, load and visualize the designs, select the printing units in use and define the work mode.
  • Monitoring of work variables: pressures, temperatures, working regimes of pumps, etc.

Product Examples

Make print tests on your products, the KERAjet team will be glad to guide you on the most suitable product for your company.

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