The latest technological advances in digital printing have enabled people to use this technique on a myriad of media.

This is the case of ceramics, as printers for tableware have increasingly optimised functions that allow any type of design to be printed, while maintaining the colour scheme and resolution.

These devices, in turn, have been decisive in improving the graphic process of ceramic printing, avoiding the breakage of the pieces and guaranteeing the durability of the print. KERAjet, a company specialised in technological solutions for the graphic industry, has several models of printers for tableware.

Efficient and practical printing

Crockery printers do not need stencils or silicone sheets, as they are able to translate the design directly from the computer to the blank. These machines have an automated belt transport system, which minimises human intervention during operation and reduces the possibility of error. In addition, a set of printheads installed inside the printer mechanism facilitates colour flow, extending the efficiency of the system by up to 12 fluids and allowing for quick ink change during operation.

KERAjet has 4 models of high-power crockery printers, designed for heavy-duty workflows. These devices are capable of configuring colour schemes with basic inks (CMYK) or with special, enamel or metallic inks. In addition, they also have the ability to print large volumes of objects and to add quality finishes that guarantee the durability of each of the pieces that make up the tableware.

Among these printers, the KERAPlates SP stands out, designed for the decoration of special pieces. This machine is one of the most recommended for printing complex designs on cups of all kinds. It can print images on up to 15 pieces per minute, improving the processes of companies that work with large production volumes.

Modernisation of the graphics sector

Those interested in acquiring machinery with state-of-the-art technology and excellent design, should only access the KERAjet website and request more information about the model of tableware printers that best suits their needs and expectations. The company’s sales advisors will be happy to assist customers with all their needs, whether it be choosing or transporting the printer of their choice.

With this equipment, KERAjet hopes to contribute to the modernisation of the graphic arts sector by offering more efficient and environmentally friendly printers.