Multi-head textile printers have revolutionised the digital textile printing industry by offering a versatile and competent solution for printing different types of fabrics.

Each printer is designed with the unique ability to install multiple ink types on a single machine, allowing for greater flexibility and customisation in the printing process.

Unlike other fabric printing methods, it is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly printing method, and even more so with the KERAjet digital textile printer.

The different models of KERAjet digital textile printing machines are state-of-the-art equipment, 100% Spanish manufactured, providing efficient technological solutions for the textile industry.

Customised digital textile printing production with multihead system

Depending on the different needs of each company and its production goals, there is a suitable KERAjet digital textile printer.

Each ink type has specific characteristics and is used for different applications and fabric types. That’s why these models feature a multi-head system, designed to facilitate the application of different types of inks, such as pigmented inks, dye-sublimation inks or reactive inks, on their specialised print heads.

Thanks to the multi-head mode offered by KERAjet, manufacturers and designers can adapt to a wide range of customer requirements and demands when printing new products.

This is because the multi-head digital textile printer is not only ideal for working with various types of inks on a single device, but also because it can print on different types of fabrics, from cotton and polyester to silk and nylon, using the most suitable ink for each substrate.

The advantage of KERAjet’s multi-head textile printing models

KERAjet has three models of digital textile printing machines, with specifications that vary according to printing width, resolution, speed, among other features that streamline and improve the production efficiency of each textile industry.

These are highly advanced and versatile machines for printing on fabrics, which also open up new creative possibilities.

With the multi-head system, it is possible to experiment with different types of inks, combining them in different ways in the same print and creating new and unique designs on textile products.

At the same time, these machines are ideal when looking to reduce investment and maintenance costs, without compromising on the quality of the end product. By having several types of inks in the same machine, it is not necessary to have multiple specialised printers for each type.

Therefore, with KERAjet’s multi-head digital textile printer, a single machine can be used for different printing needs, simplifying the production process, reducing costs and optimising space in the workplace.